Northwestern Michigan Dermatology is now offering Telehealth Virtual Appointments for all of our established patients. Please follow the following steps to schedule and set up your Telehealth appointment:

Step 1 – Schedule a Telehealth Appointment

  1. Call our office at 231-935-8717 to request a Telehealth Visit
  2. A Telehealth Visit will be offered and scheduled
  3. You will receive a confirmation Telehealth email

Step 2 – Open your email and Download PocketPatient APP

  1. Open your email from Telehealth Service.
  2. Read and follow the instructions to download the PocketPatient APP
  3. You must download APP within 24 hours of receiving email
  4. Below are helpful videos

For Apple IPhone APP Download

Watch this video to learn how to use PocketPatient™ on your iPhone for a telehealth visit. To download PocketPatient visit, 

For Android APP Download

Learn how to download and use PocketPatient on your Android device for a telehealth visit. Download the app here: 

Step 3 – Login and Be  Ready

Be logged in to PocketPatient and ready 5 minutes prior to your appointment

Step 4 – Your Provider will initiate your Telehealth Visit

Click the “Join Video Visit” icon that appears your device when your NWMD
Provider initiates the Telehealth visit


Please call us at 231-935-8717 with any questions:

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